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Some information about the App

The underlying database contains 885 Genus with the following species count for each insect order


Species Count Insect Order
870+ EPHEMEROPTERA - Mayflies
800+ TRICHOPTERA - Caddisflies
390+ PLECOPTERA - Stoneflies
11 MEGALOPTERA - Fishflies, Alderflies,etc  
450+ ODONATA - Dragonflies/Damselflies
540+ DIPTERA - Midges, Mosquitoes, etc
270+ COLEOPTERA - Water Beetles
40+ HEMIPTERA - Water Bugs

A total of some 3200 insects with 2 to 3 stages for each species that's more than 6000 potential artificial flies. Obviously not all species are of major interest to trout and many stages of different insects are very similar so that count goes down again, but with approximately 500 artificial flies in the database there is still a long ways to go. An educational aspects for myself in developing the App was to incorporate the Latin names to the insects. There are a set of fly fisher 'bibles' such as Gary LaFountaine's "Caddisflies" and "Hatches" (I and II) by Al Caucci and Bob Nastasi, which I image are on every fly fisherman's bookshelf. One major concern was the ever changing Latin names. So when a change to a major mayfly species name to recognize an individuals contribution to the science, I felt it was impractical to conform to a name change which would break all connection to published words thereby becoming meaningless to fly fisherman. So I have remained with the Latin as it relates to those stalwart editions.