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In compiling this App, data from several web sources were employed to help structure the code. The App has taken many iterations over the years and as a final iteration came into view a look back to those sources to seek permission to use certain items was conducted.


Some sources simple disappeared, in particular the 2D drawings of insects. As the ambitious intent is to eventually replace all these drawings with photos taken by the waters edge of the actual insect. I have left them in the code - with an extreme appreciation for the originator/s.


Some noteable books that were used for reference:

Ernst Schwiebert's "Matching the Hatch",
Gary LaFountaine's "Caddisflies",
"Hatches II" by Al Caucci and Bob Nastasi,
Eric Lester's "Stoneflies"

Websites used for reference


Reference    Web site
California Dept of Fish and Wildlife Aquatic Bioassessment Laboratory
State Hygienic Laboratory at the University of Iowa
Animal Diversity Web
Troutnut http://