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30 days after installation you will be asked by the App whether you wish to subscribe or not. If you do not wish to subscribe you may continue using the App as normal, any data you enter will be saved in your device and loaded up to the cloud and made available for all other users.

HOWEVER, anything that other users have added will not be downloaded to your phone. By responding yes to subscribing the App will open a web page where the fee of $11.99 , $1.99 of which will be given to the charity of your choice from the list below, you will begin receiving the flies, images, etc., that other users have entered for the first year. The funds help offset costs toward, network servers, upgrades, repairs (hopefully not many), etc.

The charities that would be presented on the payment page are: 

  •  St JUDES
  •  NSPCA

So as not to compromise any of your personal data all payments would be conducted via Paypal and that data would not even be seen at Hatching the Match.